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Overview Findora Wiki

One of the primary challenges is providing confidentiality while retaining the transparency and public accessibility of other blockchain-based systems. Achieving this privacy-preserving transparency is What is Findora’s major focus and product differentiation. Confidential transfers, powered by Bulletproofs-based cryptography, enables users to mask data that is recorded on the blockchain transaction log . Using Zero—Knowledge Proof technology, our wallet supports confidential transfers. With confidential transfers, the amount of tokens you send can be hidden on the transaction log that is recorded on the blockchain. Findora is a public, decentralized, multi-purpose transactional system, with tools for people and financial applications to operate over a ledger in a publicly-auditable, yet confidential way.

  • A scalable privacy preserving smart contract platform can unlock trillions of dollars of new value by moving most current financial transactions onto the blockchain among which are payments, securities and institution friendly lending.
  • Shielded asset creation, issuance, and ultra-fast transfer powered by Turbo-Plonk.
  • A money market dApp on Ethereum can use Findora X to call in triple masking transactions from Findora’s UTXO-based layer to enable private lending and borrowing.
  • In addition, Findora innovatively uses various proven data structures to create efficient new blockchains.
  • Achieving this privacy-preserving transparency is Findora’s major focus and product differentiation.

Developers who deploy Ethereum’s ERC-20 Solidity boilerplate code on the Findora EVM will, in effect, be creating FRC-20 tokens, which are Findora’s version of ERC-20 tokens. Findora Foundation would like to commend everybody in the Findora community for their dedication, trust, and evangelism in achieving this together. FRA’s Genesis Total Supply is set at 21 billion FRAs.There will be around 609 million FRA tokens (2.9% of the Genesius Total Supply) in circulation at Genesis. The challenge of today’s GameFi and SocialFi calls for low fee and high throughput environment. A revolutionary DEX that is fast and private to prevent front-running and protect trading strategies and transactional privacy. Using Findora X, a DAO could raise funds from multiple chains and many liquidity sources without exposing their backers to discrimination or retaliation.

Prism transfer feature is what enables users to bridge assets from Native Chain to Findora Smart Chain — and vice versa. Leading blockchain security firm Halborn audited both Findora’s distributed ledger and wallet, clearing the way for… Developers can use Findora X to create multi-chain bridges and dApps across Ethereum ecosystems that allow for private, cross-chain transfers, protecting trading strategies and capital allocations.

Key Highlights

Any assumptions should not be construed to be indicative of the actual events that will occur. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances. This website does not guarantee you or anyone a right to purchase Findora tokens.


Both validators and delegators will get voting rights over the Findora network. No special permission or authorization from anyone is needed to operate a Findora validator on Testnet or Mainnet. Waffle is a library for compiling and testing smart contracts and Mars is a deployment manager. Waffle and Mars can be used together to write, compile, test, and deploy Ethereum smart contracts.

Data Not Collected

Intentionally malicious or incompetent validators who double sign transactions or offer low availability to participate in consensus voting are punished thru slashing penalties. Validator consensus voting follows the Tendermint consensus ruleset which is based on Byzantine Consensus algorithm for asynchronous systems. To incentivize validators to participate in the voting process, they are eligible to earn block rewards for their efforts and the block rewards paid to validators is directly proportional to the FRA staked by the validator.


Validators are selected from the pool of validators candidates based on the number of FRA staked. Only the validators in the top 100 in terms of FRA staked will participate in the consensus voting process. In addition, Findora innovatively uses various proven data structures to create efficient new blockchains. Findora provides the infrastructure to incentivize decentralized financial innovation and large-scale migration of traditional financial industry to blockchain. By applying Verifiable Computation Framework, the Findora blcockahin can be seen as an Internet of independent financial networks.

Findora’s blockchain technology solves many of these privacy-related issues as Findora was built from the ground up to support confidential transactions and to store and compute confidential data. With the Findora SDK, key primitives to confidentially transfer, store and process data provide developers with the key building blocks to pioneer the development of privacy-focused Dapps to disrupt many real-world industries and business models. For instance, the side-ledgers can be used by a traditional bank to replace the infrastructure they currently run on or deployed in the cloud. It is a platform for issuing assets of any nature, including cryptocurrency. Findora’s mission is to address the challenges necessary to support this broad class of assets and diverse financial use cases.

A guide for joining the Findora ecosystem. By developers for developers.

The Findora Smart Chain is the EVM-compatible layer of Findora blockchain. Findora is a next-generation blockchain focused on protecting data privacy. The account based blockchain model has a heavy burden of state machine transition; 2. Ethereum doesn’t natively support some of the newer and more efficient elliptical curves and other cryptographic primitives; 3.

The Findora EVM guides below will walk developers through setting up Findora EVM integration tools, deploying a Findora smart contract and launching FRC-20 tokens on Findora EVM. Below is an example of a Findora confidential transfer where the “amount” has been masked from public view. However, the sender, recipient and specially privileged users such as an authorized 3rd party auditor can unmask hidden data. Findora relies on cutting-edge cryptography research to mask on-chain data.

Shielded asset creation, issuance, and ultra-fast transfer powered by Turbo-Plonk.

Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment that helps developers manage and automate repetitive tasks for smart contract and DApp development. Leveraging Ganache, its local Ethereum blockchain for testing contracts, Truffle allows you to develop dApps with scriptable migration and deployment, network management, an interactive console, smart contract management and even some automated contract testing. Even in the less regulated niches of these industries where blockchain apps have launched, the lack of privacy limits the usability of these applications. Founded in 2017, Findora is an open, permissionless blockchain featuring programmable privacy features. The blockchain is secured by a decentralized network of global validators running the Tendermint consensus mechanism.

Confidential Crosschain Transfers

Stake their FRA tokens (i.e. lock the tokens into a bond deposit which is subject to a 113,400 block unbonding period (roughly days) if the validator decides to later unstake the tokens). If bonded tokens end up being used to vote duplicitously (i.e. for two conflicting commit-vote signatures), the validator’s bonded tokens will be slashed (i.e. deducted from the validator’s wallet balance and burned as a penalty). Thus, bonding tokens during the staking process is critical to incentivizing honest participation in the consensus process.

We believe in innovation, as well as research and the development of ideas that can generate solutions to the common problems that we face in this fledgling industry. Proof of Stake chain scaled to 6,000 TPS with UTXO tx parallelization and optimized storage layer. Further scalability upgradable with Findora ZK to move transactions onto L2. All information on the Findora network is fully auditable and selectively disclosable.

To participate, FRA tokens are staked by validators into a PoS contract where the tokens are bonded and subject an unbonding period of 113,400 blocks (roughly days) if the validator decides to stop participating in the consensus process. Validators are subjects to slashing penalties during this unbonding period. The Findora Smart Chain is the EVM-compatible layer of Findora blockchain (and can connect with the UTXO-based layer of Findora via the Prism feature). This allows users to own and control various assets on Findora with versatile approaches for programmable privacy. Block rewards exist to incentivize the secure, decentralized participation of 3rd party validators to create the next block.

Similar to Compound, users can provide liquidity to earn interest and passive income or take out an over collateralized loan. Unlike other lending platforms, they will be able to do so while keeping their wallet address confidential and only selectively revealing information on-chain. Staked validators earn FRA by proposing and signing blocks and are paid via a coinbase minting transaction enforced by the protocol. Users can delegate their staked FRA to validators of their choosing, and split block rewards.

Using the Findora public blockchain as state notary ledger, side-ledgers can append their entire ledger states onto the main blockchain to guarantee seamless cross-chain asset interoperability. The side-ledgers will stake FRAs through smart accounts sitting on the main Findora blockchain and contribute transaction fees. Custom bridging to all major Ethereum chains and precompiled ZKP smart contracts enable developers to build privacy-preserving dApps anywhere, including on Findora X. Developers can take advantage of the Findora X APIs and SDK to convert, create, issue, transfer, revoke, burn and freeze assets with zero knowledge privacy.

The system hosts transactions, assets, and programmable contracts that can be proven compliant, without compromising on privacy. Innovative blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum lack privacy features and publicly expose all transaction and user data. These fully transparent blockchains simply can’t serve many industries, such as health care and financial securities, where maintaining user privacy is operationally critical. Part of the transaction fees will be burned, which is possibly creating a de facto deflationary scenario once the total transaction volume reaches a certain threshold.

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